Knit your own CASSiE!

Do you want to knit your own CASSiE?

Here’s how! CASSiE Knitting Pattern

If you knit a Cosmic Hedgehog, please send me a picture and tell me about it!

Let’s see some different coloured hedgehogs, perhaps fluffy wool used for the spikes… or space-aged materials…

Go on – be creative! :.D


Standard hedgehog and mini hedgehog

Standard hedgehog and mini hedgehog


CASSiE The Cosmic Hedgehog is the UK’s space mascot. She promotes the UK in space through Educational and public outreach as well as social media.

Follow CASSiE:

The wonderful Jennifer Dunham used a free downloadable pattern from the internet, but it’s only fair to promote the lady who put the pattern up there to be downloaded!

The pattern used to knit CASSiE was adapted from a pattern by Amy Gaines.

Amy has very kindly given me permission to edit her Hedgehog pattern to make it specific to Cosmic Hedgehog making!

I look forward to seeing your Knitting!

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Have fun! ;.D

MiniCASSiE’s educational adventure


MiniCASSiE the second is travelling to join the team at Queen Mary’s Grammar School in Walsall, on another exciting adventure!

Her adventure has begun with the Post Office and her journey to the school.

Once she arrives, she will be overseeing the preparation and launches for three altitude record attempts (Planned for May, June and July).

Unlike her last trip to Queen Mary’s Grammar School, MiniCASSiE will not be travelling on board (Projects Horizon has had to go on a diet in order to hit the greatest possible altitude).

MiniCASSiE II is now on loan until July.

During which time, she will feature on and on twitter via @horizonqmgs (with lots of retweets from us @spacemascotuk).

Adam Coghlan and his students will also be guest blogging on here!

All the CASSiE family are looking forward to a fun few months of space excitement!


MiniCASSiE the 1st has been found 6months after her launch from Frome

miniCASSiE The First has been missing in action since March after launching on her maiden voyage on board MarsBalloon’s Deimos spacecraft.

A national search began and there was a media and social media sensation for her return.

Her amazing adventure came to an end recently when she was found by a farmer in Nottinghamshire!

Most of the spacecraft was damaged but the camera and CASSiE survived the snow clouds, crash landing and relaunch!

Her flight can be seen here:


MiniCASSiE at the edge of space

MiniMe went up on Horizon2 on Saturday 6th July. Horizon was launched from Oxfordshire by Queen Mary’s Grammer School, Wallsall.

The students have sent us a teaser image from their on board camera. It shows the Isle of Wight and Cherbourg (N France) and was taken when MiniCASSiE was 25km up.


I am awaiting a full report from them and I can’t wait to be able to show you more images!

Thank you for continuing to support my educational outreach programme!


Mini CASSiE is set for a flight on the Horizon!

A new mini CASSiE has been deployed to Queen Mary’s Grammer School in Walsall to take part in an educational balloon flight on Sunday 30th June.


The Mission:

Horizon 2 will use cameras and a sensor array to record atmospheric conditions as it transitions from the ground, through the Troposphere, into the Stratosphere and the region known as ‘near space’.
The project features some cool technology including radio transmitted telemetry data (using a radio antenna constructed out of TV Cable and drinking straws – good for a range of ~500km), a GSM GPS tracker, atmospheric sensors, high definition cameras and a few secret ‘security measures’.

On the day of the launch there will be an online video stream of the launch, live online tracking of Horizon 2 so the public can see where it is throughout the flight and a live twitter feed (@horizonqmgs) all available on the Horizon website (

The Team:

The Project Horizon team is composed of twenty one Queen Mary’s Grammar School pupils ranging in age from 15 to 18 years old. The team raised funds themselves (matching the seed money given by the school), planned the launch, did a lot of the research, built the computer systems, wrote a lot of the software, tested the equipment, built the balloon stack, designed the website, founded the social media presence and handled most of the publicity. The launch is the culmination of one year of research, planning and hard work.

Horizon 2 is also a ‘proof of concept’ and we hope that the Horizon launch platform will fly again in the future, inspiring others to make their dreams a reality and push the boundaries of what schools are supposed to do.

I am very happy that MiniCASSiE (the second) is able to take this journey and I look forward to her safe return and details of her flight!

Good Luck Horizon!