Transcript of MiniCASSiE the First – AWOL in Anglesey log

The Diary of Mini CASSiE 1st.
Oct 2014:

A great couple of days in Braunston having a look round and exploring the local shops, it was time for me to set of in my rocket to Anglesey, as North West Astronomy Show was the following weekend, so got prepared for the 3 day journey.
Also got a huge box of outreach items to hand out at the weekend including solar glasses kindly donated by the Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project, stickers and dvds provided by Hubble and ESO, and NASA pins for my Mum and patches for Tracey and Sonia from Astronomy for Fun who I was going to help over the weekend.
Everything was ready and had a early watercress meal then into the rocket and off I go…..

All good and well on track, flying over the countryside and I can see the coast from here.
Making good time as only 2 days and can see the outline of Anglesey, so better prepare for landing.
Landing a success and just got to wait for the ground crew to collect me and transport all the outreach cargo to the Farm……..

I see them, all loaded onto the transport and off we go………wait a minute… this does not look like a farm, it’s a big house????

And why has it gone dark????

All is quiet and I hear the heavy rain on the roof, thankfully wherever I am it is dry.
Must be a quarantine chamber……

The next day I awoke to more heavy rain on the roof of the dark building, now this is not on, lets go and have a look outside, so slowly opened the door to the rocket I step outside.

‘Hello’ I shout, but no reply, it seems to be a big room with huge doors at one end, this is odd.

Suddenly I hear foot steps on the gravel path outside……….they maybe coming to get me….

‘IN HERE’ I shout, but the footsteps fade away,  food…..I need food……luckily this building is not that watertight, as there is a new looking bucket on the floor that is catching the rain as it falls through the roof, which is cool and refreshing, so out with the first day supplies.  Good job the ration pack is a month, as no idea how long I am going to be in here.

The days pass, and nobody comes.  I find a second bucket and a small window, which is enough light to get a tasty crop of watercress growing, so food and water is sorted out, so now the plan is to escape.

There seems to be a lot of movement outside, so climb up to the watercress factory bench I made from the DVDs, and look outside, there is a big van pulling up…..

‘IN HERE, OVER HERE, HELP’ I shout, but the driver walks round the back of the big house looks at the ground then gets back in the van and drives away.

This is how I pass my time now, listening for movement outside and then climbing up the stack of dvd’s and shouting out the window…

Somebody must see me or hear me, as I am now a couple of weeks late for the show, and upset that I have let them down…

After the 6 months I spent in a field waiting to be rescued, a couple of weeks is not so bad, hope they find me soon.

Week 7……..I hope somebody comes soon, as the nights are getting cooler and with no heating in here I think hibernation may be in order, as with the noise a couple of weeks ago I presume that was bonfire night, so must be getting near December.

I hear a noise, what is that noise…….?????

Footsteps getting closer and closer, there at the huge door, best pack all the outreach items back in the cargo box, quickly, quickly….nearly done, I hear voices outside…

‘IN HERE, HELP…..H E L P…..’

I hear a key in the door, could this be it?

YES….. The rescue team have arrived headed by Martin, who picks up my survival pod and outreach crate and off we go, I am free and safe at last, and not as long as the last time I had to over winter under a hedge in a field in thick deep snow.

Soon I am warming by the fire in the Farm house, and soon be ready to start a new adventure.

Hopefully without getting kidnapped next time….’

MiniCASSiE last known movements in Braunston

After a traumatic 6 months lost in a field in Nottinghamshire last year, MiniCASSiE the 1st decided to undertake another mission to the North West Astronomy Festival. Her first stop was Braunston.

Unfortunately, MiniCASSiE I HAS GONE MISSING AGAIN. but this time, after being delivered to the wrong address, she is being held captive in a Manor house.


The rescue mission is now into its second week, with no sign of a ransom and hope of getting her back is dwindling!


So to raise moral, here are her last known movements:

MiniCASSiE I: World Space Week Adventure Diary

MiniCASSiE the 1st arrives in Braunston, Northamptonshire and heads to the canal to inspect the engineering.

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After looking at the engineering on the lock gates, I spied a shop that looked interesting,, Whalfhouse Narrowboats. I wonder what they have. The sign says Braunston Chandlers…I went inside to explore.

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I’m not sure what all the boat bits are but sure they could be converted to space travel.

cassie 5

Better help with the locks whilst I am still here. These are a bit heavy to push.

Better help with the locks whilst I am still here. These are a bit heavy to push.


Look who has come to say hello, it’s Space Chicken Sam, Camilla’s long lost UK cousin.
Sam has a special white light Solar Scope to show me, so we can look at the Sun in safety.

cassie 10

I have found the Sun, it is over there shining on the Church in Braunston.


Whilst waiting for the clouds to move out the way, I have found a watercress patch, so time for lunch.

Whilst waiting for the clouds to move out the way, I have found a watercress patch, so time for lunch.

Who is this that has flown in to see me? It’s Batty Bat, who normally only comes out at night, but made an exception to come and say hello, and get a selfie with me.

cassie 12

Me and Batty Bat

Better check in to see what my Mum has been up to…

cassie 13

Looking at Mum’s blog.

October 2nd
Going to be a busy day getting the Atomic Rocket ready for the journey to Anglesey, can’t wait as hoping to go to North West Astro Fest next weekend. But first things first, breakfast….in the watercress bed..

cassie 14
My rocket nearly ready for tomorrows launch to the NW Astro Fest!

cassie 15
Oh yes, and I got a Nasa Night Sky Network Star badge for Outreach. (Don’t worry Mum, got you one as well!)

My new badge!

My new badge!

Quick bite to eat then on with the day.
cassie 17

After a bit of Solar photography, it’s now time to relax and watch the Sunset…


Cassie 18 cassie 19

As the Sun sets on another busy day, time to find the Moon.



cassie 20

I have the Moon on my nose! …..:)


cassie 21

The Sunset is still happening behind me. :) But now the special Solar filter can be removed from the scope and we can look at the Moon.


cassie 22

I hear a noise, what can it be?

What a surprise! It’s Space Chicken Sam, Bailey Bat and Batty Bat come to look at the Moon with me on my last night in Braunston.

cassie 23

October 3rd
Hello, I found Richard on the bridge, going to sneak in his panorama..


cassie 24

cassie 27

Hehehe, I had to run really fast to get in 4 times…

cassie 25

Looking good for a bit of Solar observing.

The Sun is out today so lets see if we can get a look today on my last day in Braunston.

cassie 26

Looking good for a bit of Solar observing.


Bye Bye Braunston and all my new friends, wish me luck…Anglesey here I come…


cassie 28

Here are some of the images I took through the scope: (more coming soon)
MiniCASSiE moon 021014

My World Space Week 2014

What a phenomenal week it has been! I have attended several events around the country and MiniCASSiE the First has, once again got lost… well, not lost exactly … she is being held captive at a Manor House after being delivered to the wrong address!

Anyway, Myself and MiniCASSiE the Second had great fun with Vix Southgate and all her travels. I will write some more when I have a bit more time. Here are some Pictures of our week! :)


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TechnopopLondon is host to over 30 World Space Week UK events

Technopop logo low res

Technopop Ltd has dedicated its entire first week to celebrating World Space Week in London, with over 30 space-related events for you to experience!

The best news is: I AM GOING TO JOIN IN!!

I will be there on the 7th and 8th of October to help launch their events and I hope to talk to many of you about my adventures.

For more TechnopopLondon event information please go to:

Youth friendly badge

1 week to go! World Space Week

As we near the start of an exciting World Space Week for 2014, the UK is hosting over 80 events across the country.

The British Interplanetary Society, who is the UK National Coordinator has been working tirelessly to ensure that WSW2014 is the best year so far, for events and raising awareness of the annual events.

The British interplanetary Society has developed a UK-focused World Space Week website (which is continuously improving and benefits from feedback and ideas for content, so they can make it an even better resource for 2015)

Please Take a look at what WSW_UK is doing:


Every year between 4-10 October ANYONE can organise and celebrate the United Nations declared World Space Week to help inspire and educate EVERYONE to the benefits of science and technology!

The full list of global events can be found at:

Technopop Ltd has dedicated its entire first week to celebrating World Space Week in London, with over 30 space-related events for you to experience!

For more TechnopopLondon information:

My ‘Beat Felix!’ mission diary – Launch tomorrow!

 photo Hadfield-FlightpathpredictionFriday11thJuly.jpg
Hadfield’s launch is confirmed for Saturday and everyone is excited! The Jet Stream is passing far to the South of the UK making this Saturday a very good time for the team to launch their final high altitude probe, Hadfield (their second and final attempt to Beat Felix). It looks like Hadfield may land between Telford and Shrewsbury so the chase will be short.

The weather forecast looks perfect with the Met Office forecasting light cloud and very little wind (apart from a few minor gusts).
 photo Hadfield-WeatherpredictionFriday11thJuly.jpg
The team are quietly hopeful that the third time will be the one. Wish us luck!

My ‘Beat Felix!’ mission diary – Armstrong recovered!

 photo Armstrong-Retrieved2.jpg
Armstrong was recovered from a field in Lawnhead, Staffordshire by farmer, Robert Cartmail. The team contacted a number of local farms with a description of Armstrong and a map of where it may have landed. The probe was found in a field of cattle and the inquisitive cows had given it a gentle nibble and a lick before losing interest and leaving it where they had found it.
 photo Armstrong-16-Landing228-06-14.jpg
The team cleaned it all up and cut into it to retrieve the flight computer. Though the batteries were thoroughly depleted the computer still functions perfectly well and can be used on future flights. The team are very happy that it has been found and that the payload survived the flight undamaged.
 photo Armstrong-Retrieved1.jpg