The Cosmic Hedgehog is born!

Here I am, in all my knitted glory! 🙂

Now that I have been born, I thought it best to give you all a bit more information about why I’m here!

What does SpaceMascotUK / The Cosmic Hedgehog do?

SpaceMascotUK is a new initiative to help promote Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in schools.

SpaceMascotUK is available to any STEM Ambassador, Educational out-reach provider or any person or company in the relevant subject areas that want to use the Mascot to inspire children in all aspects of STEM careers.

“The Cosmic Hedgehog is not intended solely for Space-based science. However, due to my work within the Space-Science community, I decided that the focus of the Mascot will  initially be on Space Travel and all the science, technology, engineering and Mathematics that includes. This will bring focus to the UK’s Space Sector and its work within the international space community. A mascot can capture the imaginations of the very young and can introduce concepts and information that might otherwise seem overwhelming!”                 – Vix Southgate, Creator.

How was SpaceMascotUK conceived?

SpaceMascotUK was conceived on Twitter at the end of September 2012. @Camilla_SDO (Space Chicken Mascot for NASA SDO) and @msauroraphd (Mascot for the US Air Force Academy) and @Victrix75 (Vix Southgate, STEM Ambassador and Author/Illustrator of Science-based Children’s books) were discussing ways to engage with children for STEM out-reach work. Camilla the Space Chicken invited Vic Minett, BBC Radio Coventry and Warwickshire (@vicafternoons) to be a part of the development and within a couple of days a telephone interview was arranged!

On October 1st 2012 the idea for a Space Mascot for the UK was announced by Vic Minett on her Afternoon Show. Vic’s listeners were asked to send in their ideas, as to what form the Mascot should take.
The winning idea was announced at the beginning of World Space Week (October 4th 2012) and SpaceMascotUK became a COSMIC HEDGEHOG!

Where is the COSMIC HEDGEHOG now?

SpaceMascotUK is currently with Vic Minett and is awaiting her cosmic cape and boot set before being sent to Vix Southgate to start its work within the STEM community.

Once it starts working with STEM Ambassador, Educational out-reach provider or any person or company in the relevant subject areas that want to use the Mascot to inspire children in all aspects of STEM careers. , SpaceMascotUK – The Cosmic Hedgehog could be anywhere at anytime and I aim to keep you updated with this blog!

What can YOU do?

We need you to send in your ideas for ‘Missions’ that The Cosmic Hedgehog can undertake; tell your local school about SpaceMascotUK’s work; tell us about events that The Cosmic Hedgehog could attend, or organise one yourself.

Your support and input is vital to SpaceMascotUK’s success and usefulness.

Please follow SpaceMascotUK via:



or the blog

Join and promote the Cosmic Hedgehog Naming Competition 

The Cosmic Hedgehog still needs a name and we would like you to help roll the competition out to UK schools.

We need help from:

Parents . Teachers . Educational Establishments . School Governors . Out-reach Providers . Et al

I hear there is a competition to ‘Name the Cosmic Hedgehog’ but I don’t live in the UK, can I still enter?

YES!  SpaceMascotUK would love to become an international celebrity and it would like to visit and support different countries and help with global STEM initiatives, so your support and enthusiasm is gratefully welcomed!

Please keep in mind that by entering the competition, the winner MUST nominate a UK school to receive the prize, so a link with the UK is preferable but not essential.   Your name will appear as the winner and we may request a photograph of you for publicity purposes.

If you have any other queries, please contact Vix Southgate at

Information about the Naming competition will appear on by the end of the week.

Thank you for all your help and support.

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