SpaceMascotUK – The Cosmic Hedgehog is named!

SpaceMascotUK – The Cosmic Hedgehog now has a name!

CASSiE      – The Cosmic Hedgehog

(Cosmic Ambassador for Space Science and Engineering)

“I am happy I am female, this means I am a more effective ambassador for inspiring Girls into Science!”  – CASSiE

“There are a couple of already famous names which helped us choose CASSiE, they are: CASSiopeia and CASSini. I have also found a couple of Space Science Research groups in the US called CASS. I hope we can help them promote their work too!

CASSiE focuses on the UK’s involvement, but she is all about Space Science and Engineering, which is an international endeavour!”   – Vix Southgate

In other news:

I now have a family of hogs that will be taking up some of my tasks with other out-reach programmes – and they all need names too!

Please send in your ideas for names!

If there is too much choice for us to agree on a name, we will pick 3 for you to then Vote for your favourite.

We will put out a call to NAME THE HEDGEHOG as each gets assigned to it’s new role.



To work with Jon London at Out of this World Learning.

Out of this World Learning specialises in bringing rocketry and space into classrooms across the UK.

They use pupil’s excitement in space exploration to teach a wide variety of topics, from forces to the Ancient Greeks to WWII to fair test and everything in-between!

Age range, Reception-Adult, please see our website for details (their website is currently being updated so please contact for more details)
Location: the whole of the UK, additional travel expenses may apply for schools in Scotland.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Please send your name ideas for the Rocket Hedgehog to:

Thanx for your continued support! :.D



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