Find CASSiE Poster – Please put up in shops and pubs!

Anyone in or near the search area (villages within the Daventry, Leamington Spa, Banbury triangle) please can you print off a copy and put it up in your local shops and pubs.

PDF version FindCassie POSTER

Please contact us at if you have any information.

Thank you!




Here is a link to the Current search area to #findCASSiE.

If you have looked in any of these areas, please can you contact @Marsballoon on twitter or email


Scrollable version:


Can we also ask everyone who lives east of this area to also keep a lookout for CASSiE’s craft and Experiments.


This is the craft that will have come back to Earth:

Key features: Pink and Blue Hula Hoop, 70 Kinder surprise egg capsules, a camera (with super footage of the experiments and CASSiE) and possibly a BRIGHT ORANGE PARACHUTE (though this may have detached during descent).



This is what CASSiE looked like prior to her flight:

MiniCassie copy


This picture shows the Craft on take off. You can see the bright colour of the orange parachute (midway up the cord) which should be easy to spot, if it is still attached!

MiniCASSiEs last flight copy

Seventy students and school children, The UK Space Agency, SEA and CASSiE’s creators are all looking forward to the safe return of the cargo. Especially the camera – which will hopefully have the most amazing footage of the flight.

People of the midlands! Let’s pull together and FIND CASSiE!

Thank you for your continued support!



CASSiE’s balloon “still at large” – says BBC News team in Somerset

As the days go by, I am overwhelmed by all the support the #findCASSiE hunt is getting!

Thank you to everyone on Twitter, Facebook and in the local media for the different counties for being so supportive.

BBC Somerset article:

The Register article:

Andrew Bacon also spoke on BBC radio Warwickshire and Coventry, yesterday.  Vic Minett was instrumental to the Cosmic hedgehogs existance and so they have a personal interest in what happens to her. Poor Andrew got a light-hearted grilling from Vic as he explained why she is lost and how people can help.

Vic Minet show (start of interview: 1.15)

How can you help?

On Twitter please follow myself (@SpaceMascotUK) and @MarsBalloon

On facebook there is my usual page

and also a dedicated findCASSiE page:

Please share and retweet all the information we are putting up and if you know anyone in the local papers please try to get them to run the story – especially those who are in the areas we suspect the spacecraft to have landed.

Andrew Bacon from @Marsballoon is organising a slightly different Easter egg hunt this weekend.

Perhaps it should be called The CASSiEaster Eggsperiment Hunt… I’m open to suggestions on that one! :.)

Many thanks!

Myself and MIA MiniMe thank you from the bottom of our hearts!



CASSiE goes missing after flight to the edge of space!

Mini CASSiE (a 5 inch version of me) who took my place on a flight to the edge of space on Friday 22nd March 2013 (because the payload was too small for me to take the trip myself) has not been seen since.

She was on board a spacecraft, along with 70 MARSBalloon experiments (that’s 70 student projects lost too!)

For Science and Space, we must find them!

This poster was made on Friday, but we now think that the landing site could be further north or further East.



New data (from the transmitter of the  sister ship, that was recovered) suggests that CASSiE and the experiments may be in the Leamington Spa area – Long Itchington, perhaps.

If you are in that area, please help look for MiniMe! In trees, on roofs, fields etc – espeicailly where there is poor mobile signal, as we think this could be the reason the transmitter failed after balloon burst.


Please help find MiniMe! Join our efforts on facebook:

and Twitter: @MarsBalloon @SpaceMascotUK

Thank you


Knit a Cosmic Hedgehog!

Do you want to knit your own CASSiE?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s how! CASSiE Knitting Pattern

If you knit a Cosmic Hedgehog, please send me a picture and tell me about it!

Let’s see some different coloured hedgehogs, perhaps fluffy wool used for the spikes… or space-aged materials…


Go on – be creative! :.D

CASSiE The Cosmic Hedgehog is the UK’s space mascot. She promotes the UK in space through Educational and public outreach as well as social media.

Follow CASSiE:

The wonderful Jennifer Dunham used a free downloadable pattern from the internet, but it’s only fair to promote the lady who put the pattern up there to be downloaded!

The pattern used to knit CASSiE was adapted from a pattern by Amy Gaines.

Amy has very kindly given me permission to edit her Hedgehog pattern to make it specific to Cosmic Hedgehog making!

I look forward to seeing your Knitting!

More about Amy:
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Have fun! ;.D