Help me to inspire the next generation of Space Explorers.

CASSiE – The Cosmic Hedgehog is a Mascot for Space Exploration and all the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) that includes.

CASSiE = Cosmic Ambassador for Space Science and Engineering.

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 “CASSiE has been created to help promote the UK’s Space Sector and its work within the International Space Community. By using a mascot you can capture the imaginations of the very young and introduce concepts and information that might otherwise seem overwhelming. A mascot can help engage with and inspire the next generation of Space explorers!”  

– Vix Southgate, Creator.

CASSiE aims to:

  • Help promote Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).
  • Raise awareness of the UK Space Industry.
  • Raise awareness of Space Exploration.
  • Attend Space-related events.
  • Go on Space-like missions.
  • Meet many famous space people.
  • Go into Space!


CASSiE is building a following of fans with the intention of being a ‘Spac

e Celebrity’ in its own right. This will be of value to anyone wanting to use The Cosmic Hedgehog for projects, and provides extra publicity through an already established and growing following.

All projects that include or utilise CASSiE, or any members of her family, will be promoted through its social media channels and blog.

CASSiE is available to be used by any STEM Ambassador, Educational out-reach provider, or any person, or company in the relevant subject areas that want to use the Mascot to inspire children in all aspects of STEM careers.

Please contact: if you would like to use The Cosmic Hedgehog for your project.


CASSiE – The Cosmic Hedgehog likes to go on trips to exciting space-related places and events and loves to meet people who are interested in promoting the Space industry as a whole.

If you work, or are going somewhere that CASSiE would like to visit, or could be useful for promoting Space, please contact: to book her as a traveling companion.

All we ask is that you take photographs of CASSiE with famous space people and items of interest and tweet them, blog about your time and post on her Facebook page.

Admin access to her accounts is available whilst you are her custodian, or you can email Vix Southgate to update the pages.

For any other queries please contact: