MiniCASSiE’s educational adventure


MiniCASSiE the second is travelling to join the team at Queen Mary’s Grammar School in Walsall, on another exciting adventure!

Her adventure has begun with the Post Office and her journey to the school.

Once she arrives, she will be overseeing the preparation and launches for three altitude record attempts (Planned for May, June and July).

Unlike her last trip to Queen Mary’s Grammar School, MiniCASSiE will not be travelling on board (Projects Horizon has had to go on a diet in order to hit the greatest possible altitude).

MiniCASSiE II is now on loan until July.

During which time, she will feature on and on twitter via @horizonqmgs (with lots of retweets from us @spacemascotuk).

Adam Coghlan and his students will also be guest blogging on here!

All the CASSiE family are looking forward to a fun few months of space excitement!