My ‘Beat Felix!’ mission diary – Team Meetings

11th Feb Team Meeting

BF 11feb TeamMeet BF 11feb TeamMeet2

The team meet every Tuesday night and they are very industrious. They break off into separate groups to work on different aspects of the project. Some of them research and write to potential sponsors. Some write short articles which are sent to newspapers and blogs to publicise the project. There is an ICT team which is designing a new website (it looks a little bare at the moment but it is still early days!). There is a small team working on a sensor array (it looks like a very tough project with lots of different sensors to read from) and there is another team working on a new flight computer. Tonight I’ll be Help Elizabeth and Matt with the GPS for the new flight computer. They have been working on this for a while and have almost finished the prototype. Tonight they tested it and it worked! The team celebrated as they received an accurate GPS position for the flight computer which was sitting just outside the window of the classroom. It’s really exciting to be here but it can be difficult to follow with so much going on at any one time!

4th March – Team Meeting

BF 4mar team meet

Tonight I’ll be helping Elizabeth as she plans out the design for the new circuit. It’s a complicated job as she has to look at where all the electrical connections are on the prototype and then work out how to translate that onto stripboard whilst keeping the size of the computer as small as possible. Every gram counts in these high altitude attempts and the team are being very thorough in their preparations. By the end of the evening we were redesigning the first draft to make it more space efficient.


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