My ‘Beat Felix!’ mission diary – Media attention :)


7th May – Horizon is ‘Internet famous’ on the Isle of Wight

BF 7May - internet

Today the team posted some of the photos from the footage captured by Gagarin during its flight. One of the photos was of the Isle of Wight. A twitter user called Steve (twitter user @g0lfp) re-tweeted the photo of the Isle of Wight that the team had just posted. He mentioned two other users @iwradiolucy and @JenniflowerC who also re-tweeted the photo. After that we lost track of it all and lots of other users and organisations across the Isle of Wight re-tweeted the picture. This culminated in Horizon being featured on Isle of Wight Radio, ‘The Island Captured From Space’ [link: and in the Isle of Wight County Press ‘Students’ space probe snaps Isle of Wight from above’[link: So Horizon is now a little ‘Internet Famous’ on the Isle of Wight. This came as a bit of a nice shock to the team and they’re very grateful for the interest in their project if a little bemused.


8th May – Beat Felix and the Department for Education

BF 8May DoE

More excitement today as the teacher in charge of the team was contacted by the Department for Education. They had seen some of the photos from Gagarin’s onboard video camera on twitter and wanted to know more about the project. He sent them a few details and received a message back a short while later to congratulate them on the project and ask if the Department of Education could use some of the photos for a new ‘STEM campaign’ starting the next day. The teacher said yes and went to tell a very excited team! It turns out that Horizon had been featured as a part of the new ‘Your life!’ (#yourlife on twitter) campaign aimed at inspiring young people, particularly women, to pursue science. You can find a story about Horizon and photos from Gagarin and the ‘Beat Felix!’ team on the department’s facebook page [link: The team are very proud to be a part of this initiative and hope that it is a great success, as do I!


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