My ‘Beat Felix!’ mission diary – Armstrong and Hadfield

Even with exams still going on a few team members are coming along to meetings. Over the past month the team has been working on Armstrong and Hadfield. Work on the flight computers started first with Elizabeth and Isaac sitting down to plan a small redesign. The antenna has to be moved so that it is central on the edge and this means lots of connections and components have to move with it.


I’ve been helping out by testing the new GPS and Radio modules (with support from Mr Smethurst).


Each module has to be tested on the flight computer test bed (which is hung out of the window so that the GPS receives a stronger signal).


All of the modules worked fine and so are ready to be passed to the team members building the new flight computers.


Jay is hard at work on a prototype case for Armstrong. Working with polystyrene is a messy business so I kept my distance (it takes me ages to brush it all out of my fur).


It seems polystyrene takes a while to get off the tongue as well 😉

The case should fit the new flight computers once they are built and brings the total weight of Armstrong to less than 150g! The team seem quietly confident in Armstrong and there is quite a lot of excitement here as the next launch draws close.


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