My ‘Beat Felix!’ mission diary – Armstrong launches this weekend

This weekend the team will be launching their first high altitude probe, ‘Armstrong’ (depending on the weather – if its going to be raining on Saturday they’ll launch on Sunday instead). This will be their first attempt to beat Felix Baumgartner’s altitude (and hopefully earn a place in the top ten World Amateur Radio High Altitude Balloon records). The launch day will be confirmed on Friday 27th June on twitter (
On the day of the launch the website will be updated to feature a live video feed (which should begin ~9:45am) and a live tracking map which will let you see where the balloon is at that moment and where it has been (

I’ll be on the Chase Team again and keeping a diary as we navigate across the country in pursuit of Armstrong.



Tune in on launch day to watch the launch take place, track the flight from your computer and hop on to twitter to wish the team good luck and get all of the latest updates from the Chase.

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