My ‘Beat Felix!’ mission diary – Team meeting

Today we had a very busy meeting as the team prepares for the launch of Armstrong. After a lengthy soldering session and many referrals to his design, Isaac has just about finished Armstrong’s flight computer. He’s wasted no time in putting the new temperature controlled soldering station to good use:


Soldering the Flight Computers is time consuming work and Isaac has a good eye and a steady hand:


Elizabeth ran into a problem with her design for Hadfield’s flight computer; it was just too long to fit in the airframe. The engineers had a quick meeting and a solution was arrived at. She is now working on a significant redesign tonight in an attempt to make Hadfield’s flight computer smaller.


Damini and Alex are working at full tilt on the new website (which the team are hoping to launch soon). They worked out a design for a default page together and then Alex set about adding pages and content while Damini works on a redesign of the logo for the site.


The Publicity and Sponsorship Team met up to discuss the campaign, everyone now has a role and a press release is being written. We also had time to discuss the Chase Teams for this weekend and for next weekend. While this was going on Mr Coghlan and I conducted a few tests with a tube of UHU Por and some test sections of polystyrene – boy is that glue strong! The team are planning to cut down on the amount of tape they use by using glue instead as it’ll save weight (glue weighs much less than tape and is just as effective if not more so).

The team have a safety briefing before the launch this weekend and they’re planning to finish building Armstrong after the briefing. It’s getting very tense around here as everyone is speculating on the weather for the weekend. I’m looking forward to going on the Chase again and the possibility that they might Beat Felix this weekend


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