My ‘Beat Felix!’ mission diary – Launch tomorrow!

 photo Hadfield-FlightpathpredictionFriday11thJuly.jpg
Hadfield’s launch is confirmed for Saturday and everyone is excited! The Jet Stream is passing far to the South of the UK making this Saturday a very good time for the team to launch their final high altitude probe, Hadfield (their second and final attempt to Beat Felix). It looks like Hadfield may land between Telford and Shrewsbury so the chase will be short.

The weather forecast looks perfect with the Met Office forecasting light cloud and very little wind (apart from a few minor gusts).
 photo Hadfield-WeatherpredictionFriday11thJuly.jpg
The team are quietly hopeful that the third time will be the one. Wish us luck!


My ‘Beat Felix!’ mission diary – Armstrong recovered!

 photo Armstrong-Retrieved2.jpg
Armstrong was recovered from a field in Lawnhead, Staffordshire by farmer, Robert Cartmail. The team contacted a number of local farms with a description of Armstrong and a map of where it may have landed. The probe was found in a field of cattle and the inquisitive cows had given it a gentle nibble and a lick before losing interest and leaving it where they had found it.
 photo Armstrong-16-Landing228-06-14.jpg
The team cleaned it all up and cut into it to retrieve the flight computer. Though the batteries were thoroughly depleted the computer still functions perfectly well and can be used on future flights. The team are very happy that it has been found and that the payload survived the flight undamaged.
 photo Armstrong-Retrieved1.jpg