1 week to go! World Space Week

As we near the start of an exciting World Space Week for 2014, the UK is hosting over 80 events across the country.

The British Interplanetary Society, who is the UK National Coordinator has been working tirelessly to ensure that WSW2014 is the best year so far, for events and raising awareness of the annual events.

The British interplanetary Society has developed a UK-focused World Space Week website (which is continuously improving and benefits from feedback and ideas for content, so they can make it an even better resource for 2015)

Please Take a look at what WSW_UK is doing: www.bis-space.com/wsw


Every year between 4-10 October ANYONE can organise and celebrate the United Nations declared World Space Week to help inspire and educate EVERYONE to the benefits of science and technology!

The full list of global events can be found at: www.worldspaceweek.org/events

Technopop Ltd has dedicated its entire first week to celebrating World Space Week in London, with over 30 space-related events for you to experience!

For more TechnopopLondon information: www.technopop.co.uk

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