My Sun Chaser Blog – November


The Sun Chaser Team met four times in November and even found time to run a display at the school’s Open Evening.


The Education Team amassed an impressive collection of lesson activities and resources over the first two meetings. They then set about separating all of these resources into three categories for the three lessons they were planning.


The Modelling Team put together the first draft of a mathematical model to calculate the time of sunrise from the Stratosphere. They turned the model into an excel spreadsheet to make the calculations automatic and then they had the idea of building a programme in Visual Basic which would be easy to use on any laptop and could be shared on the Horizon website once it was finished. The learning curve was steep but they were both really excited by the challenge.


The Engineers quickly gained proficiency with the Arduino and began using it to construct increasingly complex projects ranging from a Traffic Light System to a programmable mood-light. The wall at the back of the classroom was painted with multi-coloured light from their project’s LED every meeting.


The Publicity Team took on two jobs, photo-documenting each meeting and filming what they hoped would be the first of many video interviews with people from the Space Industry that Horizon has planned over the next few years.

6th Form Open Evening - Horizon 5 6th Form Open Evening - Horizon 2

It was exciting watching each team member start to find their feet and gradually become the expert in their field. A lot of thought has clearly gone into matching each pupil to a role that would capture their imagination and play to their strengths.


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