My Sun Chaser Blog – October

Wow, time with the Sun Chaser team has passed so quickly and there has been a lot to learn! I’m going to try and bring my blog up-to-date over the next couple of weeks covering a whole month with each post.

The Sun Chaser Team first met in October. The members come from lots of different years across the school with the youngest member being in Year 10 and the eldest member being in Year 13. The first meeting was a lot of fun as the members got together for the first time and found out which teams they were going to be on. There was lots of discussion about the challenges ahead and everyone was eager to get started.

The Publicity and Sponsorship Team photograph the Education and Modelling Teams hard at work at the start of the Sun Chaser mission.

The following week they split into their respective teams and started working on their own areas of the mission. The Publicity Team covered each meeting by taking photos of the work the different groups were doing and began planning the first fund raising event.

The Education Team started collecting resources for a series of lessons that they will be delivering at their partner primary school. This is Horizon’s first foray into outreach and will help the team identify which elements work best. The plan is to put together a one day programme which will raise aspirations and inspire local Primary School pupils to take a greater interest in STEM subjects.

Sun Chaser's Engineering Team get to work with the Arduino.

The Engineering Team wasted no time in getting Arduinos set up and learning to build circuits and write programmes. They quickly picked up the language which is a varient of C/C++ and the flashing lights of their first circuits could be seen across the classroom.

The Modelling Team dived straight into research as their task was to devise a mathematical model which would predict the sunrise, not from the ground, but from 30-35km up in the Stratosphere. There was a lot of reading to do and the mathematics was going to test the limits of their abilities and imaginations.

Being a part of this early stage of the project was a real treat as the atmosphere at each meeting fizzes with excitement.

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