My Sun Chaser Blog – Horizon’s First Outreach Lesson

In previous years the Horizon team have shared advice, code, designs, research and suppliers’ details with many other schools and pupils. They’ve even travelled to Cambridge (and on to Essex) to help the Science Department at Attleborough Academy Norfolk track their first probe, ‘Monarch 1’.

AAN - Retrieval Pic

I was really excited to find out that this year they’re taking this support a step further and running their first outreach programme. The team are working with the fabulous Year 6 pupils at St Mary’s the Mount Primary School and are very grateful to the school for volunteering to work with them in developing their programme.


Their Education Team (Two of Horizon’s Physicists) have planned a programme of three lessons: ‘The Solar System’, ‘The Sun’ and ‘Our Atmosphere’. On Wednesday they ran the first ever Horizon outreach lesson. The lesson explored our Solar System, looking at the true distances between the planets, the position of the Asteroid Belt, the Oort Cloud (named after the Astronomer, Jan Oort) and Comets.

Before we arrived the class had held a vote and decided to name their mascot (who will be flying aboard the first Sun Chaser probe with me!). Let me be the first to introduce you all to my new friend ‘Tweedy’:


The team led the pupils in making posters about each of the planets, the asteroid belt and comets (using a class set of ipads and several good books). There were some fantastic posters, some great colour drawings of planets and plenty of interesting discussions and questions about Space.

Outreach 1 - Making postersOutreach 1 - Research

With posters ready, the pupils headed out onto the playground in teams to make a scale model of the Solar System with inflatable planets (toilet roll helped to measure the distances). Once the solar system was made, the long and short period ‘comets’ began to orbit the sun.

Outreach 1 - Out in the playground planning Outreach 1 - Ready with the planets

There was a lot of excitement and we had a great time discussing the Solar System, advances being made by ‘New Space’ companies and developments that the pupils might see in their lifetimes. The Education Team did a fantastic job and their passion for Physics really shone through. I’m very excited about next week’s lesson about ‘the Sun’.


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