My Sun Chaser Blog – Team Meeting 20

The Education Team had a few resources to finish for the outreach lesson and some new equipment to test. They quickly organised the rest of the group to help prepare flash cards and test the refraction glasses (rainbow light from every light source!). The solar powered toys are great fun and were easy to put together (The little solar-powered fan can turn at a surprising rate!).

One of the team’s engineers soldered the replacement GPS module to the flight computer and took it out for a test. We all waited in anticipation and after a few tense minutes he returned triumphant with a steady stream of telemetry being collected by the mobile ground station. I love the effect these triumphs have on the team and it’s a great feeling to be a part of it.
I got quite an education as two experienced members of the Flight Team spent the meeting teaching the rest of us how to use the smartphone tracking system to locate the probe when it lands. I’m really looking forward to the next stage of flight training now as we’ll be learning how to attach and fill a balloon in preparation for a probe flight!

While one of the engineers tested the Flight Computer, the rest of the Engineering Team continued working on the probe I’ll be flying in. They finished a separate compartment for my friend ‘Tweedy’ (St Mary’s the Mount Primary School’s mascot) as there won’t be space for him in the main probe. They’ve also made anchor points in both Tweedy’s compartment and the top of the main probe so that the two can be attached (although they will be separated by several metres of line so we’ll have to shout to each other if we want to talk – maybe the team will fit walkie talkies if I ask them). Next week they’re going to start cutting out the antenna and camera ports.


ENDED! COMPETITION to Name The Cosmic Hedgehog


The Cosmic Hedgehog

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The Cosmic Hedgehog is a Mascot for Space Exploration and all the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) that includes.

 “The Cosmic Hedgehog has been created to help promote the UK’s Space Sector and its work within the International Space Community. By using a mascot you can capture the imaginations of the very young and introduce concepts and information that might otherwise seem overwhelming. A mascot can help engage with and inspire the next generation of Space explorers!”  

– Vix Southgate, Creator.

The Cosmic Hedgehog aims to:

  • Help promote Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).
  • Raise awareness of the UK Space Industry.
  • Raise awareness of Space Exploration.
  • Attend Space-related events.
  • Go on Space-like missions.
  • Meet many famous space people.
  • Go into Space!


The Cosmic Hedgehog is building a following of fans with the intention of being a ‘Space Celebrity’ in its own right. This will be of value to anyone wanting to use The Cosmic Hedgehog for projects, and provides extra publicity through an already established and growing following.

All projects that include or utilise The Cosmic Hedgehog will be promoted through its social media channels and blog.

The Cosmic Hedgehog is available to be used by any STEM Ambassador, Educational out-reach provider, or any person, or company in the relevant subject areas that want to use the Mascot to inspire children in all aspects of STEM careers.

Please contact: if you would like to use The Cosmic Hedgehog for your project

Help The Cosmic Hedgehog.

You can help The Cosmic Hedgehog by:

Space events.

Projects and out-reach programmes in the UK.

Any space-related activity aimed at engaging with children.

Museum events and contact details.

Interested schools and groups.

  • Following, contributing and promoting The Cosmic Hedgehog’s social media channels:

  • Promoting the Naming Competition:

Download the Schools flyer for the Naming Competition here:

  • Emailing  your ideas for The Cosmic Hedgehog’s missions.



Why a Hedgehog?

SpaceMascotUK started on Oct 1st 2012 by Vix Southgate, due to the inspiration, advice and help of NASA’s Camilla Corona SDO; The US Forces Academy’s Ms Aurora Phd; and Vic Minett on BBC Radio Coventry and Warwickshire and her listeners.

Camilla, MsAurora and Vix Southgate discussed the benefits of a UK Space Mascot, Vic Minett asked her listeners to send in their ideas as to what form SpaceMascotUK should take.

It was decided that it had to be an animal, preferably indigenous to the UK, and appealing to young children.  One week later The Cosmic Hedgehog was announced.

What if I’m not based in the UK?

We thoroughly encourage global support for the Mascot!

If you are not from the UK you can still enter the naming competition (more details on the webpage) and raise awareness of the UK in Space and its place in the International Space Community! The Cosmic Hedgehog is based in the UK but wants to promote Space Exploration in general.

For any other queries please contact: